1. Platform presentation
Adobe Campaign (formerly Neolane) is part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, this is a powerful Marketing Automation technology to manage cross-channel campaigns online (e-mail, web, social, mobile) and offline (call centre, direct mail, etc.).
This solution is ideal for companies with high customer interaction requirements and a large number of contacts to manage. There are many benefits to using this tool to deliver the right experiences throughout the customer journey across all channels.
Adobe Campaign (Standard or Classic) leverages its various advantages to create winning campaigns that contribute to the direct and effective connection with the customer:

Automation : Easily orchestrate and manage different marketing campaigns.

Customization : Create detailed customer profiles to generate relevant and tailored communications based on each customer's area of interest.

Optimized customer experience : Create personalized and engaging broadcasts on the right channel at the right time.

Intuitive tool: Monitor campaign performance across all channels via a rich, intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

3. Features
1. E-mail management
Adobe Campaign features advanced email management capabilities that enhance email marketing with personalized and contextualized messages. With more complete data, it is possible to refine email personalization and improve email automation, deliverability and reporting.

Dynamic content : The display of different types of content personalized according to each recipient, this is through a unique email template.

E-mailing : AC offers a gallery of ready-to-use email templates that are compatible with different screens and a "Drag & Drop" email designer to create custom emails without any technical skills.

Deliverability : Adobe Campaign offers the possibility to improve the rate of email deliverability thanks to its performance monitoring tools. In concrete terms, messages arrive in the inboxes of their recipients without the ISP blocking them.

E-mail tests: Powerful A/B testing tools allow you to test different variants - subject line, sender or content - to determine which version performs best with customers. Simply set the parameters to automatically send the best performing version to all recipients. In addition, advanced email preview and rendering features ensure that the email is displayed correctly on any device the recipient is using.

Multilingual e-mails: Multilingual tools allow you to create multiple versions of an email depending on the language used by the recipient.

Automatic sending : Depending on user behavior, remarketing emails can be triggered automatically...

Cross-channel marketing:

Campaign reporting: Drag and drop variables to customize dynamic reports and analyze campaign performance.

E-mail reporting: Adobe Campaign provides an e-mail reporting function that quickly generates detailed reports and allows you to analyze customer interactions.

SMS and Push notification: Adobe Campaign allows you to send personalized push notifications and in-app messages to iOS and Android devices. It also allows you to send mass SMS messages...

Segmentation and targeting :

Audience segmentation: AC allows for advanced and customized segmentations based on any type of data in a customer profile.

Customer profiles: Integrated customer profiles centralize all the data of a customer contact in the AC database.

Data connectors : Adobe Campaign can be linked to various third-party systems and solutions, and also offers connectors to access external databases for federated data access.

4. Adobe Campaign Standard (ACS)
This is the cloud version of Adobe Campaign accessible on any browser or device, it is intended to meet relatively simple marketing needs, it has comparatively fewer features than ACC.
5. Adobe Campaign Classic (ACC)
ACC is a complete solution, more powerful with its advanced functionalities and which works as a standard software distributed in client-server.
To summarize, the use of Adobe Campaign offers many advantages to its users, it is an unparalleled technology rich by its powerful features can create exceptional campaigns, it combines art and science to bring magic to each interaction ... We therefore recommend this tool to large and medium-sized companies that really want to be effective in the field of marketing.
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