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Our Adobe Campaign connectors

Adobe Campaign x MyElefant

Our AC x MyElefant connector allows marketers to leverage a new channel in their marketing campaigns. It offers the ability to send rich SMS messages and track recipient behavior using MyElefant 's powerful tracking mechanism and Adobe Campaign's ease of automation, data manipulation, and reporting, while centralizing these powerful solutions into a single CRM system.

Adobe Campaign x Airship

We help CRM teams improve their customer engagement strategies by adding the unique mobile capabilities of our partner's Airship solution to the Adobe Campaign instance. This combination accelerates customer engagement by automatically delivering targeted, compelling messages across all mobile channels.

Adobe Campaign x Batch

Our AC x Batch connector allows you to add Push Batch notifications and In-App messages directly to your Adobe Campaign automation scenarios. Ensure the success of your CRM strategy through Adobe Campaign by leveraging all of the features available in Batch to create comprehensive multichannel campaigns. This combination addresses the different needs of mobile engagement regardless of the nature of the broadcasts (real-time or one-time).

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