Agence Adobe Campaign certifié Qualiopi
Agence Adobe Campaign certifié Qualiopi
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Adobe Campaign Standard

Adobe Campaign Solution Partner
* Training provider registered under n°11756226575 (Prefect of Paris).

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training courses 2021-2022

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Adobe Campaign Standard

Adobe Campaign Solution Partner
Agence Adobe Campaign certifié Qualiopi
Agence Adobe Campaign certifié Qualiopi

Taux de satisfaction des formations 2021-2022

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Sur toutes nos formations Adobe Campaign*
*Offre valable jusqu’au 15 décembre.
*Prestataire de formation enregistré sous n°11756226575 (Préfet de Paris).



IT team responsible for application maintenance
Writer of the technical specifications of the solution
MOE profile in charge of the developments of the solution
Basic knowledge of DBMSs
Marketing Campaign Manager - Adobe Campaign Standard training is a plus (but not required)
A placement test will be sent before the training to evaluate your level
Accessibility will be done upon signing the quote. 48h before the start, the participant will receive a convocation
Demonstration via our Adobe Campaign test instance
60% of the overall training time is dedicated to hands-on practice
Delivery of training material
 Case study
2 days (16 hours)
Onsite or Video Conferencing via Microsoft Teams
1 to 6 participants
  • We are at your disposal to adapt the training if you have a disability. Contact :

Level : Advanced


This pedagogical content is given as an indication, it can be personalized according to the priorities of the participants

Jour 1

PART 1: Adobe Environment

Objective 1: Getting to grips with the administration of the tool


  • Authentification
  • Authentication
  • Administration (Access, Users)


Objective 2: Ownership of organizational entities


  • Entity Management
  • Profile partitioning
  • List of roles
  • Group and user management

PART 2: Channel Configuration

Objective: to get to grips with the channel configuration


  • ✓ E-mail channel configuration
  • ✓ Email Routing Accounts
  • ✓ Email Management Rules

PART 3 : Application setup

Objective: to get to grips with external accounts


  • ✓ Création d’un compte externe
  • ✓ Targeting mappings
  • ✓ Technical workflows

Jour 2

PARTIE 4 : Branding

Objective: to get to grips with Branding


  • ✓ Configuration and use of marks
  • ✓ Création d’une nouvelle marque
  • Affectation d’une marque à un email
  • Brand case study
  • Sending internal notifications
  • Data retention

PART 5: Data Model and Resources

Objective: get to grips with the data model and resources


  • Creation or extension of the resource
  • Resource data structure configuration
  •                 ⇒ Resource field management
  •                 ⇒ Clés d’identification et les index
  •                 ⇒ Links to other resources
  •                 ⇒ Expansion of shipments
  •                 ⇒ Edit and delete a resource
  •                 ⇒ Generation of a unique identifier

PART 6: Deployment

Objective: to take control of the deployment


  • Package exports
  • Package imports

PART 7: Moment of exchange - Questions / Answers

Objectif  : Moment de libre échange sur les différents problématiques rencontrés sur Adobe Campaign


  • Adobe's recommended best practices (Acceptance, Deployment, Delivery, Archiving...)
  • Feedback on the different cases encountered by our customers


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